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At New Mexico Pain Management we repair joints scheduled for surgery or joint replacement.

Shoulder surgery, knee surgery, and other joint surgery can often be avoided. Even supposedly simple knee arthroscopic surgery leads in a decade to worse pain and arthritis pain than if you had done nothing. And joint replacements carry larger risks than you might be told. You might not know the names of the alternatives: PRP therapy, prolotherapy, tenotomy, fasciotomy. Each of these methods is a joint surgery alternative, and a joint replacement alternative. They work by stimulating new, additional rounds of tissue growth in damaged, degenerated tissues such as the rotator cuff, ankle or wrist ligaments, elbow or hip tendons, knee meniscus or cartilage, or finger joints. Some of these procedures can also be applied to low back pain and neck pain.

At New Mexico Pain Management we repair tissue damage from auto accident injury.

Research shows that auto accident injury frequently causes ongoing or returning problems for years or decades, or even a lifetime of pain from just one auto accident injury. Ligaments and tendons damaged in a auto accident injury crash only repair by regrowing tissue for less than a month, and that repair is commonly incomplete. With deep ligaments still partially torn and loosened, bones go out of place, irritating nerves, tightening muscles, and requiring repeated manipulation. Car crash auto accident injury medical care needs to be specialized so that personal injury really resolves at a deep level. We offer a wholistic array of methods for making you feel better after an auto accident, but it is our prolotherapy and PRP therapy procedures that give you a new opportunity to finish the ligament repair process deeply and thoroughly, non-surgically. This option sets our treatment program apart from most others.

At New Mexico Pain Management we provide creative, leading-edge approaches for easing or eliminating chronic pain.

We repair painful, degenerated ligaments and tendons that are commonly at the root of localized, mechanical chronic pain, such as back pain, neck pain, joint pain, and some headache pain. However, chronic pain can sometimes effect a whole person, involving many body systems, body chemistry, and the mind. Integrative medicine approaches to address chronic pain wholistically include natural therapies such as bioidentical hormone therapy, IV micronutrient pushes, innovative oral nutritional supplements, diet, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, homeopathy, spinal manipulation, and counseling. Pain management interventions such as nerve blocks or nerve release procedures can also be used in the short term while you work on re-making yourself to a healthy, happy, pain-free person.

Click on the above triangle to listen to Dr. Jonas Skardis of New Mexico Pain Management, interviewed on KSFR-FM radio on the subject of interventional pain management, prolotherapy, PRP therapy, and automobile accident care (duration: 14 minutes, 54 seconds).

If you or someone you love has been injured in anauto accident injury no matter how slight the auto accident contact our staff at New Mexico Pain Management today for an evaluation.




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