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We Repair Joints
by actually growing new reinforcing collagen tissue
exactly at your ligament/tendon/meniscus wear/tear sites
using precise monthly image-guided injections
of a concentrate of your own stem cells and other super cells.

Not everyone is a candidate.
It takes careful, lengthy physical exam and extra in-office imaging to clarify your prognosis.
Call the office to set up a preliminary phone screening conference with an NMPM physician.



For patients who turn out to be suited for our process, we schedule monthly procedures, commonly around 2.5 hours long, in which PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is made freshly from your blood cells, including your own stem cells. Nutrients are given at that time via IV. While you then eat a snack, your blood is processed in our lab. Finally, the physician places the stem cell/platelet grafting material precisely into damaged areas in your ligaments, tendons, meniscus, etc. The doctor sees the tiny injection needle inside your body in real time with ultrasound imaging, also known as sonography, so the placement of the super cells is exact. You walk out of there, go about your day, and probably feel some soreness that evening and maybe into the next morning. There are rules about what medicines you can and cannot take, and you will likely be put on some nutritional supplements for the months that follow. Progress is gradual, usually felt more towards the end of the process quite a few months later. If you are looking for instant gratification, look elsewhere. If you are looking for hard earned permanent pain relief from true refurbishing of parts within your joints, then read on.

Some other interventional pain management procedures may be used. Various nerves blocks may be utilized (using local anesthetic without corticosteroids), either with the PRP/stem cell procedures, or possibly as the main intervention. Prolotherapy is an older, less powerful method that may be used in a few situations instead of the PRP/stem cell method. For most joints that we repair, some kind of physical therapy, exercise rehab, posture therapy and/or bodywork may be prescribed, usually later in the process, after your joint or joints are starting to be more stable, objectively and subjectively. Why? While our repair of ligaments, tendons, and meniscus is core and key, your joint function is also strongly influenced by muscle strength and muscle balance. Without our repair of the hardware (ligaments, tendons, meniscus, etc.), your use of the software (muscles) will be limited and painful. Conversely, you may not feel the full benefits of our joint repair unless you also eventually use and develop surrounding muscles and your overall posture and strength.

Click on the above triangle to listen to Dr. Jonas Skardis of New Mexico Pain Management, interviewed on KSFR-FM radio on the subject of PRP/stem cell therapy, prolotherapy, and other forms of interventional pain management (duration: 14 minutes, 54 seconds).

It is now medically realistic to turn back the clock on at least some select structures in your joints. Get a new lease on life. Increase your ability to be active. Study the PRP/stem cell process explained further in other sections of this website. Ideally, we request that you read most of the material on our website and only then phone 800-702-NMPM to set up an initial phone conference with an NMPM physician.

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